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We Do Electronic Signatures and Archiving. Our Online Document Management system can enhance your workflow. No hassles, No recurring fees, No software.Datawitness Records Archiving

  • Electronic Signatures → Patented E-Signature Solution that works
  • File Archiving → Offsite storage providing long-term file security
  • 3rd Party Witness → A tireless electronic notary for accountability
  • Paperless Office → “Paperless” is hard. We help make it easier
  • Two-Factor Authentication → Two-source OTP solution for integrity

Use SignOff™ to get contracts signed quickly and securely. patented electronic signature service is fast and easy. We'll show you how you can save money and time by going paperless. Getting started takes only minutes. Request a demo.

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How Archiving Protects You

Create a secure, tamper-proof, permanent record of your key documents that will stand up in court. We authenticate your documents as a third party witness, lock in document integrity, and provide long-term preservation of records you may need in the future.

Datawitness combines fast access online, anytime, anywhere, via the Internet with off-line, off-site archives. Paper is easily damaged, lost, and misplaced. Ask us how we can improve your bottom line

Green Business is possible

Help the planet by Keeping Digital Files Digital! Slash the expense of contract signing with our Electronic Signature software. Your move to E-Signatures will save paper, cut carbon emissions and save time.

Here at Datawitness we see the day when paper document storage is an exception, not the norm. We see the day when you can author or sign a contract digitally and get a signature in seconds. Business can move fast and be green. Take a look around and then call us to see how we can help to improve your business!


The system appears to be very user friendly (even I could understand it). Kris did a great job of explaining everything. I don't foresee any problems.


Epic College of Medical Esthetics

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