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Affiliates → What Is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program earns you income when you refer customers to Datawitness. You put text or image links to on your web site. If a visitor to your web site clicks on a Datawitness link, visits our site, then makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Why Join the Datawitness Affiliate Program?
  1. Earn a 10% commission on successful sales generated by links on your website.
  2. Monetize your Internet traffic by sending site visitors to Datawitness.
  3. Partner with an innovative online document authentication and archiving company.
  4. Offer value-added document delivery and retention services to your customers.

Looking for additional revenues for your website? Sign up with the Datawitness Affiliate Program and start earning affiliate income immediately. Just place our Affiliate Program text or banner links on your website.

Datawitness will take care of the rest by providing your customers and site visitors with great products and customer service. We provide graphic banners and real-time tracking and reporting of commissions on sales. All commissions are paid out promptly after exceeding the minimum payout threshold (see Terms and Conditions for details).

Become a Datawitness Affiliate in a few easy steps:

If you have a Datawitness account, click the link below to login and create your Affiliate account. If you don't have a Datawitness account, click the link below to sign up for a Datawitness account before creating your Affiliate account. You can select a Datawitness pay as you go plan or pick a prepaid or monthly plan that suits your needs.

Add links, banners and content to your website.

Then start depositing commission checks from Datawitness!

To become a Datawitness Affiliate, simply click the link below that describes you:

I'm a new Affiliate with an existing Datawitness account.

I'm a new Affiliate but need to create a Datawitness account first.

Additional questions? Please email the Datawitness affiliate team at

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The combination of technologies applied in the Datawitness solution provides a level of trust that is unmatched in the market…

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