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There are many different kinds of companies that use Datawitness each day to simplify their records management processes. Some of these companies use Datawitness services daily, while others rely on the fact that they can come in to our site a couple times a year and it is so easy they can archive their records in moments and get back to their own business. Here is what some of these clients have to say about us.

The Eminata Group owns and operates "CDI College of Business, Technology and Healthcare", Reeves College, PCU College of Holistic Medicine, University Canada West, University Canada West Academies, Vancouver Career College and Vancouver College of Art & Design.

We have been very pleased with Datawitness' services and products. All of our archived student records are kept in organized, easy to find Datawitness accounts for all of our campuses. A great deal of time is saved in retrieving and accessing student files since we started using Datawitness.

Campuses used to spend a lot of time (sometimes days) going through boxes to retrieve records; now access is just a mouse click away. We also have peace of mind knowing that we have authenticated digital records available instantly online and an offline immutable archive of the originals to meet our 55-year storage compliance of student records.

We would recommend Datawitness' services and products to any organization looking at improving their file management processes.

Adam Farrell BA / MLIS / MAS
Manager, Academics, Compliance, & Regulatory Affairs
Eminata Group

DataWitness is by far one of the easiest pieces of software you could possibly use. Being in the Education field, we have many rules and regulations to follow and DataWitness does everything you could possible need it to and more! The staff has been a big help and their quick turnaround time with answers is one of the reasons why we will continue to use DataWitness in the years to come! Thanks DataWitness!

Amber Summers
Education Coordinator
Carson Dunlop & Associates

John Casablancas Institute is an Accredited and Registered Private Career College located in Vancouver, British Columbia. In April 2008 the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC (PCTIA) implemented a new bylaw that required accredited colleges to store student records and signed contracts for 55 years.

Datawitness was recommended to our Institute, and after meeting with a representative of the company we implemented their services for storing student records and signing contracts.

While the StoreIt service was required by PCTIA, the Datawitness SignOff™ service for signing contracts was not. The Institute implemented both services and SignOff™ has been very effective for enrolling out-of-town applicants and registered students under the age of 19. We simply send the enrollment agreement (contract) to the student or parent via Datawitness, and it’s signed within minutes without the wait for a signed paper agreement. As a result, the admissions department is able to turn files over in a timely manner.

Since becoming a Datawitness customer all of our initial challenges have been addressed. They have been great with customer service, and respond to our questions and concerns almost immediately. Overall, we are a satisfied Datawitness client.

Nicola Dohaney, Director, John Casablancas Institute

When we were first mandated to engage a third party provider for our document storage we had concerns. Our biggest concern was the cost in terms of staff training and storage fees.

Since becoming a Datawitness customer, we feel that all of our issues have been addressed. Datawitness staff was friendly and knowledgeable and trained our people without additional costs. There are several tutorial videos on the Datawitness website which are extremely helpful when you need a refresher on using the system.

Most importantly, the storage fees charged by Datawitness are pennies per year. I have recommended Datawitness to several colleagues and won't hesitate to recommend them to anyone who asks.

Above all, the customer service is very much appreciated and they continue to patiently answer any questions we have.

Dianne Girard
Director of Management Information Services
Sprott-Shaw Community College

We are now considering using Datawitness for sending our high impact messages using SignOff™ in order to protect ourselves…

Ai The Art Institutes

I have to admit how surprised I was after using Datawitness. Getting a contract signed has never been easier. I simply send my clients a Datawitness Signoff™ and in seconds I have a signature for any sort of document. On top of all this, I now have all my contracts in a safe place thanks to Datawitness. Signing, Sending and Storing made easy!

Paula Cooper, Secta Consulting

I must say that initially speaking to other vendors we thought that a lot of our time and money would be spent to comply with the mandate. However, after contacting Datawitness we were surprised how their technology and service makes the process of archiving records easy and economical. Our online account was set up in minutes – no set up or recurring costs, just a simple one time fee. In less than a week of the mandate we have already uploaded our student transcript files and we are up and running on the Datawitness System.

Lidia DiNicolo, Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries

Datawitness has been friendly, easy to use and manage. We have chosen to store all our future student transcripts on their StoreIt™ system.

Bruce Gordon, Academy of Learning

Thanks to Datawitness StoreIt™ now we can offer AOPC members this service by partnering with Datawitness. Further we are pleased to see that our members are interested in using SignOff™ to get witnessed signatures on contracts from overseas students. Thanks Datawitness!

Kim Rudd, Association of Private Colleges

I have been using Datawitness SignOff™ as my contract tool for quotes, contracts, etc. I can send a contract out to a client for electronic signature, and get it back in minutes. This is invaluable when dealing in a world driven by commodity prices. Thank you to Datawitness for allowing me to focus on my job, and not my paperwork

Barry Sohal, Millstream Flour Mills

I would like to let you know that we are very pleased with your company Datawitness and the services you provide. The online storage of documents is a fantastic tool for us and works like a charm. It is very easy to navigate and upload files to your site/server. Thank You for providing an excellent service

Anders Treiberg, Royal LePage Coast Capital Realty

We appreciate the opportunity to work with Datawitness and thank them for the care with which they have handled our business. Overall we are impressed by their value-proposition of online witnessing and witnessed email

Richard Amyotte, Corporate Technology Solutions

I only deal with Datawitness once a year and I am always pleased with the professional and prompt service from your employees. So, to Karim and all other staff, Keep up the great customer service!

Tina Gonnella, Canadian Sports Business Academy, Whistler, B.C.

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