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We enable people and organizations to increase the integrity of their records while decreasing their carbon footprint.

We archive closed files and records that you need to keep for years after they are no longer in active use. We store your documents two ways: offline, on long-term media, and online, to enable fast access to tamperproof digital versions. We also offer services to speed up the process of sending contracts for signature and delivering emails that require proof of receipt.

Our goal is to give you reliable, affordable, off-site storage in secure, flexible long-term archives. We built StoreIt™ to offer a legally sound alternative to physical document storage for people seeking more efficient paper and digital records management.

Along the way we realized that our services are also good for the environment. We enable you to reduce new paper use and to put existing paper from digitized records back into circulation through recycling. Using Datawitness gives you copies with all the integrity of paper records. With an authentic copy of your documents in permanent form, witnessed and held by a third party, you're free from worries about the safety and integrity of your paper records.

We invite you to try our services and determine for yourself the money you will save. In return, your children will thank you for keeping the Planet greener. We're working toward the day when paper document storage is an exception, not the norm.

Member: British Columbia Environment Industry Association –

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Finished uploading documents. Piece of cake. Great system Karim!


Niagara School of Health Care

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The initial cost of filing a document including supplies and staff time is 20 cents per sheet.

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