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Datawitness Online obtains United States Patent for its Technology
Nov 13th 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia – November 13, 2009 - Datawitness Online Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has obtained United States Patent #7,610,339. “We are extremely pleased to have reached this milestone after several years of diligent prosecution for the protection of our groundbreaking technology” said Datawitness, CEO Jag Gillan.

Abstract from Patent #7,610,339 reads:

Internet-based communications verification system: A system is provided for the verified exchange of messages through an electronic message exchange system and for the verified archiving of such messages. More particularly, the message format of an initiating message, and optionally of subsequent messages in the exchange of messages, is structured to command the recipient of the message to accept or to express a lack of acceptance of the content of the transmitted message, or to reply in some other structured manner. The entirety of an exchange of messages between two (or more) parties, including the acceptance or non-acceptance of content at any stage of the exchange, is recorded in the secure archives of an authenticator, which facility can verify the authenticity, sequence, date, time and content of and parties to any exchange of messages sent within the inventive system, including acceptance or non-acceptance of content of a given message at any stage of the exchange.

About Datawitness Online: Datawitness Online witnesses & archives contracts/records/electronic transactions for a lifetime – our services are: StoreIt™, SignOff™ and MailWitness™. The Hybrid technology created to provide instant accessibility, longevity and immutability of your information. Datawitness addresses the need to reduce the cost of physically handling paper while also ensuring that records, communications, transactions are preserved for compliance, litigation or historical reasons. Visit Datawitness at

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