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Education → Colleges Harness The Power Of Long-Term Archiving

“College records are important, you don’t know when a student may need them…10 days after graduation…10 years after graduation.”

See what some of our clients have to say about our products:

“Thanks to Datawitness StoreIt™ now we can offer AOPC members this service by partnering with Datawitness.
Further we are pleased to see that our members are interested in using SignOff™ to get witnessed signatures on contracts from overseas students. Thanks Datawitness!”

- Kim Rudd, Association of Private Colleges

“Datawitness has been friendly, easy to use and manage. We have chosen to store all our future student transcripts on their StoreIt™ system.”

- Bruce Gordon, Academy of Learning

“We are now considering using Datawitness for sending our high impact messages using SignOff™ in order to protect ourselves…”

- Ai The Art Institutes

In 2007 the Ontario Government Ministry of Training for Private Colleges and Universities mandated the offsite archiving of student records with a pre approved vendor.

“I must say that initially speaking to other vendors we thought that a lot of our time and money would be spent to comply with the mandate. However, after contacting Data witness we were surprised how their technology and service makes the process of archiving records – easy and economical. Our online account was set up in minutes – no set up or recurring costs, just a simple one time fee. In less than a week of the mandate we have already uploaded our student transcript files and we are up and running on the Datawitness System.”

- Lidia DiNicolo, Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries

“Being in the education and health care industry secure data storage is very critical for our organization. We searched for several online records management services in order to meet our needs. The issue doubled in importance as the government now required us to do long-term archiving of our records to an offsite storage facility. Thanks to Datawitness we finished uploading documents in no time. Piece of cake… Great system.”

- Nancie Millington, Niagara School of Health Care

StoreIt™ archives students' transcripts with witnessing & authentication. Contact us today and we'll help you get started.

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Finished uploading documents. Piece of cake. Great system Karim!


Niagara School of Health Care

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