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Tradex Leverages Signoff™ for Event Contracts
Apr 4th 2012

The Fraser Valley Trade & Exhibition Centre or TRADEX is the second largest exhibition facility in British Columbia. One of TRADEX's mandate was to conduct a greener business operation and a cost effective process. For example, previously they used conventional paper based contracting process and couriering documents for signature.

TRADEX recognized that Datawitness was the ideal partner to deliver a paperless, cost-effective contracting process in realtime. "Datawitness's process has assisted us in meeting our green gas emission goal. Datawitness has delivered a service that is timely clients are now responding within 72 hours instead of the previous 3 - 5 weeks. The tracking of every viewing of the contract, when the contract was sent/received, requested changes, etc. has made our jobs much easier and much less manual. The cost savings have been tremendous for us. I would highly recommend your system" said Vali Marling, Director of Operations for TRADEX.

"We are very excited and proud to be working with an industry leader and one of the most progressive Exhibition and Trade centres in the country TRADEX. Our partnership has proven that SignOff™ is a universal business tool that can deliver a contracting solution to the hospitality industry as well." Said Karim Allibhai, Director of Sales for Datawitness Online Ltd.

About Datawitness Online: Datawitness Online delivers business assurance and continuity by witnessing and archiving contracts/records/electronic transactions for a lifetime ó our services are: StoreIt™ and SignOff™. The Hybrid technology created to provide instant accessibility, longevity and immutability of your information. Datawitness addresses the need to reduce the cost of physically handling paper while also ensuring that records, communications, transactions are preserved for compliance, litigation or historical reasons. Visit Datawitness at

About TRADEX: The Fraser Valley Trade & Exhibition Centre or TRADEX provides a unique setting to hold breathtaking events that are impossible to forget. Situated in the heart of British Columbia's picturesque Fraser Valley, TRADEX is the second largest facility of its kind in British Columbia and an industry leader to a growing market.

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As we understand the Datawitness technology, the burden of proving that archived documents are reliable copies of the originals could be readily achieved. The system is designed to produce an accurate and immutable record of electronic communications as they occur. Judges readily welcome such evidence.


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