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Datawitness Online and Infinite Source Systems successfully complete sealing bids online
Dec 10th 2009

Vancouver, British Columbia – December 10, 2009 - Datawitness Online Ltd. and Infinite Source Systems Corp. are pleased to announce a successful partnership in facilitating the online sealing of bids for the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA). The online technology will maintain the sanctity of the bids and accelerate the bid submission process. Furthermore, it will allow organizations to be greener, reduce administration time and increase operational efficiency. The proven technology will now allow the partnership to expand and offer its system globally to governments, institutions and organizations that deal with tenders from vendors on a large scale.

“The Challenge we faced was how to maintain the sanctity of an online bid? Historically the tendering process involves the receipt of bids which are delivered in sealed envelopes. However, how does one seal an online bid? We concluded that having it digitally witnessed by an independent 3rd party would ensure that no bidder could repudiate the bid after the fact. We turned to Datawitness to do this” says Infinite Source CEO, David Robertson.

“This once again demonstrates the many transformations of traditional business processes to the online and eco-friendly world. Our patented 3rd party witnessing technology is well positioned to provide integrity, security and a cost effective service to transform organizations and bring them into the new online world of doing business! We look forward to continued success with our partner Infinite Source” says Datawitness CEO, Jag Gillan.

About Datawitness Online: Datawitness Online witnesses & archives contracts/records/electronic transactions for a lifetime – our services are: StoreIt™, SignOff™ and MailWitness™. The Hybrid technology created to provide instant accessibility, longevity and immutability of your information. Datawitness addresses the need to reduce the cost of physically handling paper while also ensuring that records, communications, transactions are preserved for compliance, litigation or historical reasons. Visit Datawitness at

About Infinite Source: Infinite Source is a leading developer and marketer of more efficient and effective ways of making sure that the right people have the right documents at the right time for construction projects. We provide our customers with the power to control document access and delivery while reducing the effort required and delays associated with distributing project documents. Visit Infinite Source at

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We are going to use this for our contracts this year. It will be great not to have the printing problems and mail out expense/hassle like last year. Thank again.


British Columbia College of Equine Therapy

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