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World Trade University Picks Datawitness For Electronic Message Security
Jul 11th 2007

Richmond, British Columbia – July 11, 2007 - Datawitness Online Ltd. announced today that the World Trade University Global Headquarters (WTU) has signed a renewable, one-year agreement to use Datawitness Registered Email for the delivery of its critical electronic messages. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Datawitness Registered Email enables the WTU to send secure communications to single or multiple recipients via an Internet-based platform. WTU staff can verify receipt, receive responses and track whether recipients are opening and viewing communications. Response retrieval and viewing is free and accessible from any computer or device with Internet and World Wide Web access. WTU can also review, manage, and follow up on incoming responses through Datawitness’s proprietary, state-of-the-art software.

Datawitness Registered Email captures the content, context, and intent of communications between parties into a secure and archived record. The record’s time and date stamp establishes an audit trail for serial communications like negotiations or contract discussions. “The WTU has multiple international initiatives and engages numerous international entities, such as agencies of the United Nations. Datawitness Registered Email is the solution we were seeking for sending our high-impact documents to overseas parties and getting peace of mind that the recipients have received them. It is particularly timely as we are preparing for the 2nd World Tourism Summit to be held in Beijing China this October 2007,” said Sujit Chowdhury, World Trade University President.

“The WTU contract represents a paradigm for the marketing of Datawitness software,” said Jag Gillan, Datawitness CEO. “There is huge, global demand for secure communications in a variety of applications from both emerging and mature markets. An increasing number of international organizations, such as the WTU, understand the limitations of regular email to deliver and track important communiqués securely. Datawitness trumps these concerns while maintaining cost-effectiveness and security for the client.”

Datawitness is seeking to arrange a private placement investment of up to $3 million, with HarbourCastle Capital is acting as lead agent.

About Datawitness Online Ltd.: Datawitness, located in Richmond, B.C., provides online authentication and archiving solutions. Datawitness services enable businesses to mitigate risk and increase workflow efficiency by merging the immediacy of online document management, retrieval, and viewing with offline microfilm archival integrity. Developed with the assistance of the Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, New York, Datawitness's; web-based, patent-pending technology functions as a virtual notary service. Datawitness clients can authenticate and archive documents, and sign and send agreements and business documents for electronic signature via the Internet. The Datawitness system automatically timestamps, secures, and stores all digital documents or communications in a database and preserves them in duplicate microfilm archives. The records are impervious to electronic attack and provide an irrefutable 3rd-party evidentiary audit trail. The microfilm used for archiving is certified stable for 500 years by Kodak. Datawitness services are available to the public at and to registered customers of BC OnLine at

About World Trade University: The World Trade University (WTU) was officially launched at the Third United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries, hosted by the European Union, Brussels in May 2001. WTU Global Headquarters is a coordinating body of the World Trade University’s worldwide activities that include: applied research on the trade issues both globally and locally; research on educational needs of global and local business communities; design, organization, and delivery of learning programs with the cooperation of its partners; organizing Global Platform Events, including the World Trade Forum and related initiatives providing professional opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs and young leaders; developing and managing programmes and delivering trade promotion services.

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