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Karim Allibhai Appointed Datawitness Director of Sales
Sep 10th 2007

Richmond, British Columbia – September 10, 2007 - Datawitness Online Ltd. appointed Karim Allibhai as Director of Sales today.
"Mr. Allibhai brings a results-oriented approach to selling our products and services," said CEO Jag Gillan.

"Under his leadership we've successfully entered the education market. We look forward to continued progress with providing secure, off-site student record storage for private training institutions in Canada and abroad. Mr. Allibhai will also continue developing relationships with the customers we already serve in the legal, real estate, corporate, financial, small business, and government sectors."

About Karim Allibhai: Mr. Allibhai provides 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. His successful projects range from small start-up family businesses to starting up and executing a successful business unit for a TSX-listed information technology company. He has reached or exceeded company revenue goals in business sectors including information technology, service, high tech environmental, and advisory services to corporations. Mr. Allibhai completed his formal education as a Systems Programmer Analyst at the DeVry Institute of Technology.

About Datawitness Online Ltd.: Datawitness, located in Richmond, B.C., provides online authentication and archiving solutions. Datawitness services enable businesses to mitigate risk and increase workflow efficiency by merging the immediacy of online document management, retrieval, and viewing with offline microfilm archival integrity. Developed with the assistance of the Eastman Kodak Company of Rochester, New York, Datawitness's; web-based, patent-pending technology functions as a virtual notary service. Datawitness clients can authenticate and archive documents, and sign and send agreements and business documents for electronic signature via the Internet. The Datawitness system automatically timestamps, secures, and stores all digital documents or communications in a database and preserves them in microfilm archives. The records are impervious to electronic attack and provide an irrefutable 3rd-party evidentiary audit trail. The microfilm used for archiving is certified stable for 500 years by Kodak. Datawitness services are available to the public at and to registered customers of BC OnLine at

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We are going to use this for our contracts this year. It will be great not to have the printing problems and mail out expense/hassle like last year. Thank again.


British Columbia College of Equine Therapy

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