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Datawitness Partners with Resolve Information Management Inc. To Provide Permanent Paper to Digital Record Conversion Solution
Jul 23rd 2008

Richmond, British Columbia – July 23, 2008 – Businesses and organizations of all sizes are examining established business practices to cut expenses for long-term storage of paper records. They still need to retain permanent records for compliance, risk management, and historical reasons but new alternatives are available that will save money, time, and effort.

Resolve Information Management Inc. of Calgary, Alberta specializes in paper to digital record conversion. Resolve also develops and implements post-scanning record management systems to help organizations find and retrieve key information efficiently and quickly by eliminating the retrieval delays and potential for loss and misfiling that are common with stored paper records.

"Our customers and prospects are clamoring for a way out of their paper storage nightmares," said Colin Hunt, President, Resolve Information Management Inc. "Datawitness offers a unique way to get records off paper that's often boxed up for years in storage rooms and costly warehouses. We scan them, Datawitness archives them on microfilm with digital copies available anytime through their web application, then we shred the paper. Not only do we free up space and money used to store paper, we put the shredded paper into the recycling stream. Then it can be reused in paper with post-consumer fiber content and reduce the amount of trees cut to feed the demand for paper."

"The situation is a win on all fronts," said Karim Allibhai, Director of Sales, Datawitness. "Organizations reduce their paper storage costs, lock the long-term integrity of records into a format more compact and durable than paper, and help the environment. We're pleased to partner with Resolve to offer a CGSB (Canadian General Standards Board) and ANSI (American Natural Standards Institute) compliant method for removing the deadweight of paper record keeping that's been carried by business people for years."

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As we understand the Datawitness technology, the burden of proving that archived documents are reliable copies of the originals could be readily achieved. The system is designed to produce an accurate and immutable record of electronic communications as they occur. Judges readily welcome such evidence.


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